Monday, October 5, 2015

Longboard Strollers by Quinny

Baby TALK On Baby TECH:

Most innovation in the world of babies centers on the utmost care, whether it involves comfort, entertainment, feeding, safety, or personal care. The baby mobility category is one that can certainly combine the necessity factor with the truly COOL factor. We have all seen nifty baby strollers that have cup holders and under carriage cargo. We have marveled at parents who run with the babies in optimized strollers with big wheels and tires with treads. We have also seen what I would consider baby caravan style strollers that accommodate twins/triplets/ or almost everyone in day care.  

All of these baby buggy innovations prove one thing: mobility adaptation is primarily for the parent or caregiver's lifestyle. Rightfully so. I have always thought it best to raise our littlest of people to our specific lifestyle as much as possible. Sure, there are hiccups along the way: tears, screams, tantrums. With time, these seem to smooth over and the result is happy "mom", happy baby. 

Nothing I have seen to-date in the world of baby mobility innovation is as niched AND as cool as Longboard Strollers by Quinny.  Quinny does make a compelling full line of baby buggies. Check out their website: However, today all focus is on these head turning boards that also accompany baby in the most streamlined of fashion. 

Quinny describes these strollers as “The solution for travelling long distances in a fun and eco-friendly way. It brings together the comfort of a traditional stroller and the excitement of longboarding. Thanks to its multiple safety features, it is the most exciting way to get around with your child.”

Good job, Quinny. I can only imagine your next move involves hover boards or something involving Mars. Either way, you have effectively made parenting look cool AGAIN. 

Check back again for yet another baby innovation.

Aaron Lamb - "mom" in residence.